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With years of experience we are ready to do what it takes to keep you rolling.

Head gaskets bad? No biggie call us.

Engine knocking? No problem call us.

Stuff and fluid leaking everywhere from under your car? Cool, we got you.

Transmission slipping? We hate to hear it, but more than happy to help.

Suspension noise got you feeling down? We can help raise it up. 

Car wont start, and its making you late for work? Let us help.

AC system stopped working last year? Come get it fixed! 

After being in business for a long while we've seen a lot of issues.

Gratefully so, not too many issues we couldn't resolve!


We are happy to go the extra mile to get the job done right. As well as stand behind our work!

Broken down?

Here at DM Motorsports,

we mainly deal with major repairs and breakdowns. So no need to worry. We have the crew, tools, and resources to get you back on the road. 

If you need a good local towing service click this button.

Pre Purchase inspection

Buying a new car? Make the right first choice by having us preform over a 100 point inspection. This will help ensure your major financial decision is right for you!


We work with local and national tire suppliers to provide good tires at a fantastic price.

Oil Change and service.

Competitive rates on oil changes and brake jobs. The major advantage of using us. Unlike many franchise shops who shop for the absolute cheapest oil and filter for high profit margins. We exclusively use high quality full synthetic oil, & Factory oil filters.  


Battery light on? Car wont start, & needs jump starting?

We service those things too. Utilizing factory parts. Staying away from cheap parts that fail quickly from local box part stores.

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