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Do you own a Subaru?

Headgasket Repair

Do you own an older Subaru that you would hate to replace. But sadly its leaking everywhere and over heating?

We specialize in Subarus and enjoy working on them. Call us!

Wheel bearing service

Does your car growl as you drive?

Did you get used to it until you picked up a friend and they asked what the heck is wrong with your poor ol Subaru? Its probably your wheel bearing. But that's cool. We can get that taken care of within a day with factory parts for much less than a dealership.

Timing belt service

I get it, You want to keep your Subaru happy and healthy. A good way to do that is to ensure the timing belt is within its service life, as well as the water pump and thermostat. 

We can gladly take care of that for you. 

Suspension noise

Does your suspension sound like your driving in the middle of the Uwharrie National Forest while, but in all reality you're just trying to find a parking spot at the grocery store? its probably a sway bar link issue. Easy peasy!

Check engine light?

Is your check engine light on with an oxygen sensor code? Or worse transmission codes?

Or maybe a camshaft code.

No worries call us up. we have seen it before!

Did you kind of ignore these issues and now your car doesn't run anymore?

That's still not a problem. Stuff happens, life gets in the way. We understand. BUT, its not too late. We actually have a few financially savvy ways to get replacement drivetrain installed for probably less than you thought it would cost! Just call us with a vin. We got you.


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